“Borderless” Composed by Reiko Nomura

Image of Action, Sci-fi, Emotional, Human dramas, RPG Game music.
The concept of “borderless” is based on my hope to connect beyond the borders of all the people with peace in the world and to create a song that transcends various music genres.
This is an avant-garde piece that I composed using dynamic real orchestra recordings with digital sound.The combination creates a Sci-Fi and cosmic sound.

I started composing when I was 10 years old with just feelings.
After that, I learned to play classical orchestral music using the Japanese electric organ.
After graduating from music college in Japan, I learned Jazz piano in the US, and Film Scoring in the EU.
I performed in Los Angeles, Salzburg, Tokyo, etc.

I always wonder what my original music is, where it came from.
If I can move as I wish as Game characters, I want to go to various places and communicate with various people using my music.
I can’t go to many places and meet people since the pandemic started.But, I can do anything that I want in the world of Music.
I tried to jump over many genres of music such as Classic, Jazz, Japanese, hip-hop, neo-soul.I hope it’s a little wink and a hint to a new era sound.
It’s cool to only listen to the music, but it’s suitable for the Game trailer “Mirror’s Edge”.

I believe borderless music will make a borderless world!

Reiko Nomura · “Borderless” Image of Game Music