Reiko Nomura is a Japanese composer, film composer and pianist based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Tokyo JAPAN.

She is also a winner of many prominent awards, such as Top winner of European Academy of Fine Arts’ 2021 Call For Scores, Finalist in the INSTRUMENTAL category in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition (ISC), 2021 Best Composer of LIT Talente Award, Special prize winner of 2nd ISAC International Popular Music Composition Competition, Finalist of YAMAHA International Electone Competition.
Has honored received The Jan Kaczmarek Scholarship 2021 to get Master degrees in Film scoring academy of Europe.

She started to play the electronic organ at the age of 3, later She started to play the piano and the synthesizer.

She received Senzoku University degree with the highest score among the electric organ majors.
After graduated, she joined the Conducting Institute.

Member of The Alliance for Women Film Composers (AWFC) 

・Composed music for the Bulgarian documentary movie “POLLY”
・Mozarteum concert hall of the goodwill concert invited by Kawasaki City Japan (Salzburg, Austria – Europe)
・One of the performers in the premiere of works by Japanese composer, Masaharu Kikuchi(Tokyo JAPAN )
・Exclusive concert for selected rookies (Tokyo JAPAN)
・Orchid Festival ,Bon Festival show played with Mr. Akira Toyoda (drums) and Joseph German(Sax) (Los Angels USA)
・Host band at Little Tokyo’s 2nd Street Jazz(Los Angeles USA)
・Composed some music the Japanese horror movie “My Blood Bones”


数々の賞を受賞しており、2021年European Academy of Fine Arts’ 2021 Call For Scoresで優勝、2022年 International Songwriting Competition (ISC)のファイナリスト、2021年 Best Composer of LIT Talente Award、第2回ISAC国際作曲コンテストSpecial Prize、ヤマハインターナショナルエレクトーンコンクールファイナリストなどを受賞している。
加えて2021年には、ハリウッド映画作曲家・指揮者であるヤン・A・P・カチュマレク奨学金を受け、Film scoring academy of Europe大学院を卒業している。


Film scoring academy of Europeにてメディア音楽作曲専攻の修士号を取得。
2年間アメリカロサンゼルスに活動拠点を移しリトル東京の2nd street jazzにて週二回ホストバンドとして演奏活動のほか、CD作成、オーキッドフェスティバルでの演奏、豊田明氏(ドラム)やジョセフジャーマン(サックス)との共演などの活動を行う。
ブルガリアのドキュメンタリー映画『ポリー』への挿入曲”Lux et umbra”を作曲。

・音楽レッスン(DAW、ピアノ、Music together®︎による未就学児用グループレッスン)